FAQ about car hire

Time spent in the car and space needed – for passengers as well as luggage – are important aspects that need to be taken into consideration.
The car you rent can be driven on all public roads in Romania as well as in any other country without any restrictions.
Generally, the fees that AutoGrand charges for rent a car services cover for returning the car in the same place where it was delivered. However it is possible for you to return it in another location according to the following terms:
The renting fee covers the limited accident insurance, insurance for third party damage, theft insurance, mandatory fees, taxes. Optional offers are not included.
AutoGrand Rent Car is a Romanian company therefore all transactions are made in lei (RON). Our fees are calculated in euros (€) and afterwards converted in RON according to the exchange rate announced by Romanian National Bank that day plus 2%.
If you haven’t yet received a confirmation of your reservation, please send us another request.
Of course you can. Check the Special Offers page or just ask us.
In Romania, every child under the age of 3 must be seated in a special car seat oriented to the car’s direction of travel. Prior to renting the car request a child seat and we will communicate you the cost for this additional option. We don’t provide infant or booster seats
All drivers must have a driving license issued by their country of residence. Any other driving temporary paper is not accepted.
The rent a car service price covers RCA and the limited insurance for accident and theft. Limited insurance means that the damages are covered if they are under 200 € (or more if the car is in the upper class).
You can change or cancel a reservation up to 2 days before the delivery. Changing a reservation is not charged. There is a 30 € fee for canceling a reservation.
In case you want to change a reservation must directly contact our company. If you want to cancel, send an e-mail with the registration number you got when you received the reservation confirmation. Payments made in advance are not reimbursed.
We will send you a confirmation or an itinerary e-mail that will contain all the details of the reservation, including instructions about the place where you will pick up the car.
Upon meeting with our agent you must have valid driving license older than 1 year (or 3 if you want to rent an upper-class model), valid ID that proves that you are at least 21 years old (or 23 if you want to rent an upper class model), and credit card on your name (Mastercard or Visa).
Most agencies require an authorization over of a deposit on a credit card in order for you to pick up the car. Generally the blocked sum covers the rent a car service, other optional fees, and a deductible amount of money that represent the cost of a full tank of fuel.
The company will refuse to rent you a car if you don’t provide valid ID and a driving license or if you don’t look like being capable of safely driving the car
Address the company. The agents will try to find you a car that you like. If the desired car is pertaing to another class than you initially chose, then the price will change accordingly.
If you are facing difficulties that are either mechanical or due to an accident, contact the agency right away – the contact information is on the contract you have signed ­ and they will tell you what to do.
Yes if you have the company’s agreement. You will be charged for the extra days as well for any other additional options that differ from the initial reservation.
Considering that daily rental time is calculated according to the total rental duration, the company reserves the right to recalculate the price for services. In most cases, we do not offer discounts or reimbursement



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