Car hire terms and conditions

Client must be over 21 years old, to own a driver license over one year and a passport with a valid stay visa.

The use of the vechicle

Client engages himself/herself to drive the rented vehicle respecting the legal dispositions regarding the driving of a car. In case of offence he/she is responsible.

The state of the vechicle

The rented vehicle is in good function conditions and good auto body. In case of flat or accident the client will inform, without any delay, the owner who will give all instructions considering the situation

Payment conditions

The price is expressed in EURO. The payment made in cash is accepted within the National Bank of Romania"s EURO course from the payment"s day.

The fuel and the oil

The fuel is the client"s responsibility. The oil and keeping the vehicle in good function conditions is the owner"s responsibility. The client will verify the oil level and in case of completing the oil he/she will be reimburse, based on the cash paid invoice.


The vehicle is insured for damages caused by the third parties. The clothes and other transported objects are not insured.

Deliver/return of the vechicle

The delivery and returning of the vehicle take place at the owner"s headquarters. At his/her request, the client may be awaited at the airport or another location in Romania, based on an agreed fee between the parties.

The vehicle will be delivered with the fuel tank full. The vehicle will be returned to the owner with the fuel tank full. In case the before mentioned aspect is not respected, the client will pay 2 EURO/l of fuel.


The Romanian law will settle any conflict between the parties.



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