Rent a car with chauffeur

AutoGrand Rent Car is more than just a rent a car company and that is why we want to provide more for demanding  customers for whom great services are not enough. We offer them a professional chauffeur. The safety and comfort that a chauffeur ensures you are remarkable. Furthermore, it is a real pleasure to travel safely and not have to be worried by traffic.

Our chauffeurs are experienced professionals who will make sure you arrive safely and on time to all your planned destinations and, even more, they can provide you with transportation at any previously agreed on hour.

Prices and additional information

The services of a chauffeur cost 40€/8 hours. If the 8 hours stipulated in the contract are exceeded, an extra fee of 5€/hour will be charged.

If you want to transport pets, you will need a special cage. This facility is also charged for 5€.

The price includes: insurances, taxes including the road tax, and VAT.

The price does not include: fuel, parking taxes, meals and accommodation for the driver.



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