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Practical customers that prefer planning their trips on-line enjoy benefits with AutoGrand Rent Car. Since we’re living in an era of speed and mobility, by using the Internet we can save time and also money. This is important to our company and it is why we offer you 9% off for on-line reservations, that are made at least 20 days before renting a car and also  if the total amount is paid at the time of booking.


Be loyal

Loyal customers are important to AutoGrand Rent Car. In order to reward them, we take 11% off from the total amount to be paid. This fidelity discount is available to the customers that have rented more then three cars over a period of 6 months.


Long term car rental

If you are interested to rent a car for a longer period of time you can enjoy considerable benefits. Although quality is the most important aspect for AutoGrand Rent Car, quantity is not a thing to overlook, especially if we can provide our customers with the services they need for a better price. For long time renting (over 30 days) total fees are negotiable. AutoGrand believes in flexible rent a car services and in the necessity to adapt to our customers demands.



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